Whirl Academy will take you through a solid foundation in machine learning concepts to running cutting-edge advanced models to solve business problems.

Why us?

Industry Oriented Curriculum

Our Curriculum is world class with hands-on learning based on real world experience taught by industry-oriented instructors. An above average program for an above average student. Our programs are not certificate or learning oriented. They are 100% work oriented to make a student start contributing in his job from Day 1. Our projects simulate the work environment.

Flexible Payment Plans

Students are obligated to pay only if they can make a career out of their learning from us. Students can choose from many flexible payment plans. Eligible students who are financially constrained can pay after they start earning.

Continuous Individualized Learning

Our Curriculum is constantly updated. Our past students who pay a nominal annual fee can attend any of our eligible courses free of cost throughout the year to be constantly updated on the latest cutting edge of technology. One size does not fit all. We create a unique learning plan tailored to meet every individual student’s need so that learning is both fun and gainful.

Placement Guarantee

All students who join the course and complete the course satisfactorily will be guaranteed placements by us.

Course Details

6 Months Full Time Immersion Program on Data Science and Business Analytics

Program Overview

The most specialized data science and business analytics program in India offered by Whirl Academy, one of India’s best learning institution for data science.


The program is a blend of managerial communication, data science, business analytics, machine learning, deep learning and data visualization with the application of advanced cutting edge models in artificial intelligence and computing

This course is designed to give students a comprehensive analytics education with in-person sessions, group work, projects, assignments and hands-on learning on real time projects in our sister concern, Whirldata Labs. This course is planned to be at par with the Top Data Analytics programs offered anywhere in the world. 

Program Structure

This program consists of over 800+ hours of training through instructor led classes along with live projects and assignments. Our course pedagogy consists of learning objectives, pre and post class assessments, presentations, seminars, workshops, group and individual assignments and live projects.

Program Curriculum

·      Overview of analytics

·      Storytelling with data

·      Descriptive analytics, hypothesis testing and probability

·      Linear programming & partial differentiation

·      Python programming

·      Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn and ScikitLearn

·      Exploratory data analysis and data wrangling

·      Feature Engineering

·      Machine learning

·      Analytics and ensemble models

·      Deep learning algorithms

·      Artificial intelligence

About us
Learning can happen only by doing.
One should believe before doing things.

Our founders have years of experience in training, programming and business analytics. We believe that learning can happen only by doing. We also think that one should believe before doing things.

Our sister concern is www.whirldatascience.com.

Our founders include IIM A Graduates, masters of science from USA, and have international working experience

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